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Are you ready to test your investigative skills and unravel a mystery?  We need your keen eye for details, your sharp mind and your unwavering determination to crack the case!

The suspects

SUSPECT 1 - Francois Van de Berg - Brisbane Street Games

Francois Van De Berg

Gem Exhibition Manager

SUSPECT 2 - Ruth Cunningham -Brisbane Street Games

Ruth Cunningham

Singer and jewellery admirer

SUSPECT 3 - Mickey Jones - Brisbane Street Games

Mickey Jones

Dentist and former thief

SUSPECT 4 - Mindy Smith - Brisbane Street Games

Mindy Smith

Geologist Student


“The Brisbane Burglar is on the loose and we need your help to catch the criminal” – Chief Inspector Smith, Riverside City Police Department.


Use your wits, skills and a detective bag to solve the crime.  The Special Task Unit has narrowed it down to four suspects and they now need your help to complete challenges, solve riddles, decipher codes and to identify the Brisbane Burglar.


Meet your game operator - Detective Watson - who will brief you on the case.  All recruits have up to two hours to catch the Brisbane Burglar. 


Learn about the city as you use the local city landscape to help solve your case.  You are provided with a detective bag, game book and map to help navigate your way around.

Game time: up to 2 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Suitable for: Ages 14 +

Distance covered: 2.2 kilometres

Maximum players: 48 players (8 teams)

Three newspapers
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