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The city needs your help.

S.M.A.R.T agency badge



Aimed at



Directions for your mission

Meet ​Special Agent Watson at the secret location: Reddacliff Place (in front of the Treasury Casino)

The agent will identify themself with: "It looks like rain this afternoon."

Your coded phrase is: "You better take an umbrella"


An evil organisation has managed to obtain important and confidential information.  They plan to release this.  We need agents like you to help stop this from happening.

​Meet your game operator - Agent Watson - who will brief you on the mission.  You are provided with a Spy kit, game book and map to help navigate your way around the 2 km course. 


Learn about the city as you use the local city landscape to help with your mission.  All agents have up to two hours to stop the information being released.

Game time: up to 2 hours

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Suitable for: Ages 16 +

Distance covered: 2 kilometers

Maximum players: 30 players (5 teams)



2 Players: $110

3-5 Players: $45pp

6-10 Players: $40pp

11-20 Players: $35pp

21+ Players: $30pp

*Prices are for participants aged 12 and over.  Please note that the games are designed for 16 years of age and older.  Any player under the age of 18 does require a person over 18 on their team.  A child over 6 years of age is charged at $10.


The back story

The SMART Agency was started in 1972.  A need for top secret missions had risen and the finest spies were recruited.  Spies like you!

What to wear as a disguise

"Spies in disguise will hide from eyes".  Dress in your best spy outfit!

James Bond
Melissa McCarthy spy
Jason Bourne
Alias character
Austin Powers
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