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Team building activities Brisbane

Our mission is to bring Teams together in an exciting way.

A fun team building activity in Brisbane has participants solving riddles, completing challenges and deciphering clues in a themed adventure game in the CBD.


Our team building activities can host up to 90 participants as they take part and try to beat the clock and other teams.  Team sizes range from 2 to 6 players with a maximum of 15 teams playing at one time.  It is a great addition to a team development day.


Brisbane Street Games - Group having fun1280.jpg



120 maximum participants - working in teams of 2-6 people


Complete challenges by using your game bag tools and the city's buildings and history


Games are played in and around Queen Street Mall.  With the starting location at Reddacliff Place


Game times last up to two (2) hours and can start every 30 minutes.


Group rates

​3-5 players:       $45 per person

6-10 players:     $40 per person

11-20 players:   $35 per person

20-78 players:   $30 per person

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