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10 ways to build excitement for your team building activity

Team building activities are a way to excite and spread positivity among your workplace. But there is no need to wait until the activity. Brisbane Street Games has come up with 10 ways to excite your team in preparation for your team building activity in Brisbane CBD.

Eight women in sunglasses posing with their arms in the air.  One girl is holding a sign

1. Keep it a secret

Sometimes not telling the whole picture can actually build excitement. Drip feeding information to your team can encourage them to think hard about what they will be doing. Here are some ideas to provide information to your team

  • Advise teams need to dress up in the game theme

  • Give some brain teasers for each group

  • Provide a location, time and secret catchphrase only

2. Send a calendar invite

By providing a set date and time, this gives your team something to look forward too. Much like when you have scheduled a holiday or to see a band, the calendar invite will show on their work schedule. Send your team an invite to your team building activity.

3. Provide a countdown

Set up a virtual or physical countdown. Check out to set up an online countdown. Otherwise a whiteboard in the communal area is another option.

4. Print out a flyer

Create a flyer for your activity or use one already created for you here. You can add the date and time of the activity.

Two guys and two girls looking at an open book whilst standing outside

5. Send company wide emails

By announcing the event and then following up with subsequent emails, your team will be well informed on the team building activity.

Check out our scripts here:

When the event is booked

Hey team!

We have some exciting news! We have booked our team building activity with Brisbane Street Games. You can check out more information at

The important info



Location: Meeting at Reddacliff Place

Duration: Up to two hours of game time


What to wear:  You will be walking approximately 2.2 kms

It’s going to be a great time out of the office and a perfect opportunity to get to know each other.

One week prior to the event

Hey team!

Me again. It’s one week before our Brisbane Street Game.

Just a reminder to meet with your team and organise your costume.

One day prior to the event

Hey team!

Only one more day until our team building activity. Are you getting excited? Have you thought of a team name yet? What is your costume for the day.

Here is the important information



Getting there:

Any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Day of the event

Hey team!

Today is the day! Come prepared and get ready for an adventure!

Meet at.......

See you there!

6. Organise teams before the day

Organising teams before the day not only makes the game process quicker, it also provides a change for teams to get to know each other before the activity. Communication is key in any team building activity and knowing each other before hand.

7. Encourage best dressed

Nothing brings a team together more than a team uniform. Teams can dress up to match their game theme and come dressed as detective's undercover spies or wizards. Prizes for best dressed provide encouragement.

8. Organise prizes

Giving something for teams to aim for will encourage buy in from your team. Brisbane Street Games can include small trophies for teams such as first place, last place, best dressed, most enthusiastic, first team back, last team back or anything else you can think of. Alternatively you can add cookies with edible images from Bumbleberry Bakes.

Four girls in sunglasses with an open book in front of them

9.Have team names

Set up meetings prior to the game so they can encourage strategy and their team name. It is also a good step for work colleagues to get to know each other prior to the game as well. This all builds to companionship among colleagues.

10. Meet at a venue after the team building activity

After two hours of racing, solving challenges and deciphering clues, get your team together to chat about the highs of the game. Brisbane Street Games can organise a venue close by.


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