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Things to do in Brisbane

It's a Wednesday and you are looking for things to do in Brisbane on the weekend. It's been a while since you have caught up with friends and a little while since you have hung out in the city. A Brisbane Street Game is becoming one of the most fun things to do in Brisbane. You check online and there is still availability for the weekend - Book it in to save the time and figure the finer details out later. You call around to all your friends and you have managed to get together 7 others to come play. Time to update that booking.

Game Day

First thing first, how do you get into the CBD. Public transport is pretty easy and pretty regular. Translink journey planner can help you out with timetables. Alternatively you can drive or car pool in. But where do you park? Wilson parking has $5, all day parking on the weekend. A great location is to park at the Brisbane Quarter underneath the W Brisbane. A great little carpark near the meeting point for Brisbane Street Games.

Once you are in the city, time for some breakfast and coffee and to strategise how you are going to tackle your mission. That's right, after breakfast it's playing a Brisbane Street Game. Back to the food and coffee for now. There are a few places to choose from. Milano cafe is at the top of Queen St Mall or the Pancake Manor, both of which are a stones throw away from the starting point. You look at your watch and you realise your game briefing will begin in 15 minutes.

Excited player running

Time to make your way there, you don't want to miss your game. The game host is there in costume and in character. You can see your game kit setup and can't wait to find out what's in store. You have up to two hours to play and solve the case. A 90 minutes bonus point is in your sights. Walking round the city, using buildings and landmarks to complete challenges does open your eyes up. After all the challenges are complete, you look at your watch and see you can still make the 90 minutes mark. You gather the troops and quickly race back in time. Congratulations! You have solved the case.

Time to do a bit of shopping now. Head to the Brisbane Arcade for speciality stores or take a look around the CBD for some street art - Burnett Lane is a good starting point. For the vinyl enthusiasts, Rocking Horse Records is an ideal location.

Time for lunch before you head off home. Jimmy's on the mall has been servicing Queen Street Mall since 1980.

Brisbane Street Games offer two game themes - Spy theme and Detective theme. Games start every half an hour and each game is your own private event. Check out availability today! 



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