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4 Benefits of team building

Team building events such as Brisbane Street Games can benefit any organisation that is looking for a team building event/team development.

Better communicationWorking in groups of up to five players, your game will encourage effective communication in order to solve challenges and discover answers. Teams can be split into people from different departments that would never usually interact that much in the office.​Improved MoraleBrisbane Street Games is a unique experience. We are Brisbane’s’ first themed adventure game played on the streets of the CBD. Numerous studies have shown that a fun workplace can add positively to an organisations culture and improve on a team's morale.​Increased confidence levelsEach challenge requires different skills and knowledge. When a team successfully deciphers a code or find the information they are looking for, they will individually feel self-accomplished and as a team build their confidence levels. Individuals can celebrate with the team and build comradely among the group.​Improved mental healthNot only do Brisbane Street Games challenges require some thinking, being outside and walking the streets builds on physical exercise. Secretly exercising whilst solving the brain teasing riddles and challenges will increase circulation and awareness. Your team can learn and develop new skills from others, take on leadership roles and enable problem solving capabilities.​



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